Massage therapy

*** Pregnancy massage can only be done up to 7 months of pregnancy and after that ONLY with doctors advice.***

Regardless of the type of massage you're looking for (sports massage, wellness massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, anticellulite massage, bamboo massage), you can enjoy all of them at us. Therapeutic massage is a medical recovery procedure and is used as a treatment for many conditions of the musculature, it improves the local metabolism, it stimulates the blood circulation, it release the body tension and helps you to get rid of many other problems that have arisen in your life due to stress. Whether you want to get rid of certain pains that prevent you from leading your daily life as before or you just want to enjoy a little time just for you, to relax and get rid of the daily worries, you can find a gateway to relaxation at us. With a wide range of treatments and oils, we expect you to discover the benefits of massage therapy alone. You will not regret it!

Why should we choose massage as a form of therapy?

It's a perfect way to get rid of stress and to load ourselves with positive energy. Massage plays an important role in building a healthy lifestyle and should be perceived as a real help to our body, not just as a pampering means.


What it is Hot stone massage?


Hot stone massage is a therapeutic massage that helps the whole body to relax, by relaxing each muscle. During such a ritual, smooth, flat and heated volcanic stones are placed on specific parts of the body. These are usually made of basalt, a volcanic rock that has amazing benefits on the entire body.

5 benefits of volcanic stone massage:

   *Helps relieve muscle tension and pain

Heat has long been used to relieve muscle tension and pain. This helps increase blood flow to the affected area. It can also reduce muscle spasms and increase flexibility. In contrast, cold stones help alleviate inflammation. Depending on the problems you have, it may be helpful to alternate hot and cold stones during the massage.

  *Reduces stress and anxiety, Improves sleep and mental health

Massage is an effective method for stress relief. Several studies have shown that massage reduces stress and anxiety, and it improves cardiovascular health. Many people struggle with insomnia because of stress and discomfort. Massage with volcanic stones will relax your muscles and clear your mind, leading to a restful sleep throughout the night. Thus, periods of insomnia will disappear.

  *Increases mobility, joint problems diminish and even disappear

Flexibility is hampered by strained muscles. People with joint disorders should use this type of massage with confidence, which will help them regain their mobility.

  1. Energizing and stimulating effect
  2. removes fatigue, stress, muscle tension, migraines;
  3. increases the activity of the kidneys;
  4. increases the ability of collagen fibers to stretch;
  5. stimulates the nervous system;
  6. eliminates toxins from the body;
  7. increase body temperature;
  8. accelerates the assimilation of oxygen at the cellular level and the metabolic rhythm;
  9. muscle relaxation;
  10. improves blood and lymphatic circulation;
  11. restores the body's energy balance.



Tips for a pleasant environment at massage:

  • We would like to see you  5 minutes before the scheduled time, so you can have time to go to the toilet, to drink water, or simply to be sure that you arrived at the clinic in time. Often unforeseen issues arise (you can't find a parking spot nearby, you can't find you voucher, etc.) and it can delay your appointment and every minute you spend fixing the issues is taken from your massage time.
    • We recommend you to drink warm water before and after the massage session. It is very important to keep you hydrated in order to remove toxins more easily from the body.
    • Try to understand the importance of breathing, it must be deep and slow. It will help you to relax and get rid of stress and the therapist will appreciate that you'll help him to give you a book-like treatment. Also, do not forget to tell the therapist if there are certain areas that creates you discomfort or areas where you would like him to insist more.
    • It should not be too painful. If you just want to relax but your muscles are too tense and you feel pain during the massage you can always tell the masseur that you want less pressure and he will gladly adjust his strength. It is important to communicate openly with the masseur and to express your thoughts directly and during the meeting. Each person is different with his or her personal problems, so open communication is very important.   
    • Silent mode is gold! You are here to relax and forget a bit about deadlines, people or other worries and to give yourself a few tens of minutes just for you and for your body.               
    • Take your jewellery off during the session. If you have rings, bracelets, watches on you when you come to the massage, please leave them aside during the session, tie your hair and get ready for a proper treatment.                
    • Be punctual and respect your appointment. If you have booked a massage session, please respect it, this is how you avoid to pay a fee because you did not come on the program and kept the time occupied. If something unforeseen has appeared in your program, it would be preferable to announce with at least 24 hours in advance, if that unforeseen thing appeared in the last moment, always announces the masseur about it.                     
    • Communication! The most important aspect and must be repeated again. Tell the masseur if you have health problems, if the pressure is not appropriate to your needs, if you are hot, if you are cold, if you feel sick. The masseur is there to provide you the best services but he needs your help for that! Tell your masseur anything you need to relax indeed.

    Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant session !