Everything about lash-lifting, the procedure that can transform even the shortest lashes!

Our eyes are the first to attract attention when we first interact with others so there is no surprise that we are always looking for different tricks to accentuate them. Long, thick and curled eyelashes are the answer. But what do we do if our genetics don’t help and we are not fans of false eyelashes? Mascara is the beauty product used by most women on their daily routine because a defined look has the power to change our entire appearance. 

 What if I tell you that there is a procedure that can give you long, thick and curled eyelashes without the hassle of applying mascara and that lasts longer? And I am not talking about eyelash extensions but a rather different procedure, which has a most natural result. The answer if lash-lifting.

 Here is everything you need to know about lash-lifting:

  1. For whom is this procedure appropriate? Lash-lifting is indicated for those who prefer naturalness, for those with short and light-colored eyelashes, or for those with straight eyelashes. Lash-lifting is the best alternative for those who do not enjoy the use of mascara or have various allergies to it. Men can also benefit from this procedure, especially those with very long eyelashes (and usually wear glasses) or those with eyelashes that grown downwards and hinders the look.
  2. What are the advantages of lash-lifting? Specialists have noticed that, after lash-lifting, the eyelashes get longer and ticker with time. It’s also a good eyelash-regeneration method for those who decided to take a break from eyelash-extensions or don’t want to have eyelashextensions anymore.
  3. Is there any risk for the natural eyelashes or the eyes? No and there are no restrictions for those wearing contact lenses. However, during the procedure, the contact lenses have to be removed, but they can be used as usual afterwards. If you choose to have your eyelashes color-pigmented as well, you need to know whether you have any allergies to dye-pigments.
  4. How long does the effect last? The lifting effect lasts between 3 and 5 weeks, as this is the time period in which the natural eyelashes regenerate.
  5. How are the lashes maintained after the procedure? After the procedure, the lashes need to stay away from water, steam and beauty products (make-up or skin care) for 24 hours. After these hours, there is no special treatment