K-rmen Nails spa & beauty

treatments made with passion

What started in 2012 with a manicure course turned today into a spa salon, to which over the years, out of passion and the joy to see people feeling good, more beautiful, more relaxed, many other services have been added, such as:

  • Manicure/pedicure

Because nail care is one of the most important aspects at a person, we offer you the chance to leave your hands in our care, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the results obtained. We have a wide range of quality products, which we use to guarantee the results that you deserve, but also many options in colors, models, type of manicure / pedicure (simple, gel contruction, shelac), all at great prices.

  • Waxing services

 No one wants to feel unwell, be it a woman or a man, and when that feeling of carelessness is due to the hair from unwanted areas it becomes an irritating state. That is why we offer hair removal services only with quality products which does not irritate the skin. All products are used only once and on a single client. The wax is kept warm at a constant temperature, which prevents the formation of burns in sensitive areas. Treating the skin after epilation is a very important aspect, the skin being very sensitive at that time, which is why we use special oils for soothing and moisturizing the skin.

  • Lash lift

If you want to look fresh every day without being addicted to the makeup kit, then you can rely on our eyelash rolling services. Eyelash rolling is a process that is used as an alternative to eyelash extensions, highly sought after by lovers of the natural look. It has the purpose of curving and thickening the natural eyelashes so it eliminates the need of using the mascara every day. It is a procedure widely used by women who have developed allergies to makeup products but still want the splendor of their frequent and sensual eyelashes. The products used in the rolling technique are only of the best quality and based on vitamins and nourishing products.

  • Eyelashes extension single / 2D/ 3D

Eyelash extensions are increasingly sought after by many women who want a change in their physiognomy but who still want maintain their natural appearance. Eyelash extensions are much more highly appreciated and recommended by specialists than traditional false eyelashes application. Single/ 2D / 3D eyelash extensions are recommended for people who have rare, small or hollow in their natural eyelashes. The extensions have a fine texture, are soft on touch ad with a very natural look, so that it does not affect the natural eyelash, it doesn't affect its structure and it doesn't offer discomfort to the client during wearing. Due to the quality products that we use at K-rmen Nails spa & beauty the eyelash extensions last up to 5 weeks if they are properly cared for.

  • Massage therapy

 Regardless of the type of massage you're looking for (sports massage, wellness massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, anticellulite massage, bamboo massage), you can enjoy all of them at us. Therapeutic massage is a medical recovery procedure and is used as a treatment for many conditions of the musculature, it improves the local metabolism, it stimulates the blood circulation, it release the body tension and helps you to get rid of many other problems that have arisen in your life due to stress. Whether you want to get rid of certain pains that prevent you from leading your daily life as before or you just want to enjoy a little time just for you, to relax and get rid of the daily worries, you can find a gateway to relaxation at us. With a wide range of treatments and oils, we expect you to discover the benefits of massage therapy alone. You will not regret it!

*** Pregnancy massage can only be done up to 7 months of pregnancy and after that ONLY with doctors advice.